Buying the Sketch

In our online store we have a lot of Sketches options so you can immortalize that special moment. Just choose which Sketch you would like on our store (link below), and buy your Sketch.



Sending the pictures

Now that you've chosen the Sketch, you have to send the pictures of the dress/clothes and details (like bouquet, shoes, veil) to my email love@lovethisdress.com

Didn't get married yet? Just send the pictures of the your wedding dress or the website with the pictures where you will rent/buy the dress to




Drawing your Sketch

Now that I've received your pictures it is time to do what I like most....draw your Sketch!

Normally it takes around 2 weeks for me to send a pictures of the Sketch for your approval.


Sending the Sketch

With your approval, it is time to send the Sketch. It will be send via USPS (American) Post Office, the estimated time for national delivery (inside USA) is around 3 to 7 days, for international delivery it is usually between 10 days to 4 weeks. 


Receiving the Sketch

Yey you just got your Sketch, time to get emotional, have a lot of good memories and find a special place in for him to decorate your house!!!